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2019 Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer Recreational Festival – Octorara Rules

1. General
The Tournament Committee’s interpretation of these rules shall be final and binding. The Tournament Committee reserves the right to decide on all matters pertaining to the tournament.

 All teams must bring all of their player/coach passes and roster and register their team up to one half hour prior to their first game.

Appropriate game balls will be provided for each game.

All players will receive Tournament T-Shirts and Tournament Bag Tags.

Be at your field ready to play 20 minutes before game time.

To stay on time throughout the tournament, the Referee will determine the team that kicks off by coin toss.  Team captains do not have to be present for the toss.

2. Age and Eligibility

Participation in the 2017 Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer Recreational Festival – Octorara is open to accepted teams composed of:

  • Max Roster 22 players: Under 14 (8 v 8)
  • Max Roster 16 players: Under 11-12 (8 v 8)
  • Max Roster 12 players: Under 9-10 (7 v 7)
  • Max Roster 8 players Under 8 (4 v 4)

Players will each meet the age limit of the specified below:

  • U-14 (January 1, 2006 and younger)
  • U-12 (January 1, 2008 and younger)
  • U-10 (January 1, 2010 and younger)
  • U-8 (January 1, 2012 and younger)

Players must have been born during, or subsequent to, the divisional year. Each team accepted must be registered with a Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer Association or affiliated with the USYS and must present a team roster listing all players and coaches and must have present, all player passes and coach passes.  These player passes, coach passes and rosters must be present at the field and brought to registration and checked by a tournament official at least one half hour prior to the team’s first game.

A maximum of five (5) guest players may be used and should be written in on the bottom of the team roster.  However, a team using guest players must have no more than a maximum of eight (8) players for the U8 age group (4v4), twelve (12) players for U9-U10 age groups (playing 7v7), sixteen (16) players for U11-U12 age groups (playing 9v9), and a maximum of eighteen (18) players for U13-19 age groups (playing 8 v 8) on said roster. Guest players must be current USYS/USSF players.  No player may play for more than one team during the course of the tournament.

3. Laws of the Game

All games will be played in accordance with FIFA laws, except as specifically modified by these rules.

Game Length
U8 age groups - 20 minute halves
U10 Age Groups – 20 minute halves
U12 Age Groups - 25 minute halves
U14 Age Groups - 25 minute halves

4. Ball Size/Duration of Game

Size 3 Ball for age U8; games consist of 2x20 minute halves
Size 4 ball for age U10; games consist of 2x20 minutes halves
Size 4 ball for age U12; games consist of 2x25 minute halves
Size 5 ball for age U14; games consist of 2x25 minute halves

All games will be played with a running clock. The referee, at his/her discretion may add time for serious injuries or other unforeseen issues.  The referee is the official timekeeper and therefore all decisions regarding game duration are at the referee’s sole discretion.

5. Field and Game Equipment

Players (with the exception of the goalkeeper) must wear numbers visible on the back of their uniforms.

Players shall wear shin guards in accordance with FIFA laws.

No metal cleats.

No jewelry.

Hard and soft casts are permitted with the approval of the referee.

Where opposing team’s uniform colors are similar, the designated home team will change colors or wear pinnies.  The designated home team is listed first on the schedule.

When requested by the referee, each team must provide a assistant referee.

The designated home team is responsible for supplying a FIFA game ball acceptable to the referee. A Size 5 ball is used for U14; a Size 4 ball is used for U10 and U12 play; a Size 3 ball is used for U8 play.

Players and coaches of both teams will take the same side of the field. All other supporters will take the opposite side. No one is permitted behind either end line. Only three team officials (with coach passes) are permitted on the sidelines with their players.

6. Substitutions

Unlimited substitutions may be made, with the referee’s permission, at any stoppage including:

After a goal has been scored.

At the beginning of the second half of play or prior to the beginning of an overtime period.

At a goal kick for either team.

Prior to a throw-in when the ball is in possession of the team substituting. The opposing team may substitute as well if the team in possession is making a substitution.

7. Protests

Due to the nature of the event, no protests will be accepted.

8. Conduct

The Tournament Committee consists of at least one Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer representative and a member of Octorara/Lancaster Soccer Association.  Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer will make all final decisions in the case of a deadlock in Committee.

Players, coaches, and spectators are expected to conduct themselves within the spirit of the Laws of The Game. Displays of temper or dissent may be cause for ejection from the game and the surrounding field area. Repeated violations could result in the further sanctions by the State Association, as appropriate, in addition to any sanctions imposed on the team from the tournament as decided by the Tournament Director/Committee.

Players, coaches and team officials ejected from a game by the referee shall be ineligible for the next scheduled game.

It is the responsibility of the team’s coach or the person acting in the coach’s behalf to control the conduct of its parents and other spectators. Failure to do so may result in a warning to the coach or the person acting in the coach’s behalf by the referee. If unacceptable conduct continues, the referee may eject the team’s coach, or the person acting on the coach’s behalf, from the game.

All red and yellow cards and other matters involving team conduct will be reported to the Tournament Committee.

Artificial noise making devices are prohibited.

Smoking, alcoholic beverages, and verbal abuse of anyone are not permitted at any of the field sites.

9. Failure to Show and Forfeits

There will be no grace time allowed for teams not at the field of play at the scheduled time of kick-off.  The minimum number of players to constitute a team below shall render the game able to be played and the referee may commence play.

  • U8 (4v4) = 4 Players minimum to begin game
  • U10 (7v7) = 5 Players minimum to begin game
  • U12 (8v8) = 4 Players minimum to begin game
  • U14 (8v8) = 4 Players minimum to begin game

10. Determination of Division Winners

All games will be "Festival Format".  No scores, standings or division winners will be determined/posted and there will be no playoffs.

11. Concussion Policy

Pursuant to State law, coaches, referees, medical staff or tournament officials must remove from play an athlete exhibiting the signs and symptoms of a concussion during practice or a game. Once a coach, referee, medical staff or tournament official removes an athlete from a game the decision cannot be overturned. Once the athlete is removed from play for symptoms of a concussion the player, is not permitted to return to play until he or she has been assessed by a physician or licensed health care provider and received written clearance, signed by the physician or licensed health care provider. This written clearance must be submitted to, and approved by, a tournament director before the athlete is permitted to return to play.

12. Inclement Weather/Cancellation Policy

In the case of severe inclement weather or Force Majeure, the Tournament Committee shall have the authority to change the format as follows:

  • Relocate or reschedule any game
  • Change the duration of any game
  • Consider a partially played game as complete
  • Cancel any game

No refunds will be made for cancellation in whole or in part due to severe inclement weather or Force Majeure out of the immediate control of Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer. The Tournament Committee and Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer will not be responsible for any expenses incurred by any team or club if the tournament is canceled in whole or part. There is no make-up or rain date planned for the tournament.

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